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Sometimes sleep is hard to come by.

The Sandman is a short Visual Novel about a woman suffering from insomnia who gets an unexpected visit.

This game was created for My First Game Jam Summer 2017.

Team Members

AzungKalye - Asst. Designer, Asst. Artist
Leo- Lead Programmer
Neon Pastel Color - Lead Composer
Yuwrenn - Lead Designer, Lead Artist, Asst. Programmer

Extra Credits

broumbroum - Menu select sound effect
Soughtaftersounds - Menu click sparkle sound effect
vitriolix - Can opener sound effect


Click to advance text and select options.


08/06/2017 - Fixed Background Image.
08/13/2017 - 32bit Added!


The Sandman Original Soundtrack 7 MB
The Sandman 32bit 20 MB
The Sandman 64bit 22 MB


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Unfortunately....it doesn't work on Windows-32bit :')


My apologies!!

I'll try to do a build for 32bit if I can!

Game updated!

(1 edit)

Oh my.... thanks so much!!  (>w<)/

Edit : The representation of the character is nice, I guess... (because I wonder  if it is intentionally that blanket covered The Sandman and blocked the reader upon seeing his/her expression and kept him/her mysterious? :D ).

It has interesting idea of plot about the folktales of Sandman (who guess that The Sandman is kind of a suspicious but also an easy-going spirit that could talk leisurely, or rather smoothly, with our insomniac lady xD ), but ends brieftly; leaving the reader up to intepretation of this encouter.

That is indeed the reason~! The blanket was also supposed to render him invisible against the night sky, but the art for the game never got that far~

Thank you for taking the time to come back to review!


A very well polished experience, the art along with little touches like the music/sound playing in line with the conversation dots. Also the Sandman seemed like a very interesting character!

Thanks so much! Our programmer worked really hard on that feature!


Really nice art and interesting theme!